In attendance: Hanny, Jenny P, Megan, Gabi, Bryce, Julia Westwater

@MIT: None

Absent: Julia H, Jenny W, Lauren

  • JP Summer Picnic
    1. Alex B will brew beer for the JP picnic
    2. Jenny W and Jenny P are organizing the picnic and will be getting supplies for the picnic.
    3. Will bring sport equipment down from student center for the event.
    4. Volunteers for set up and clean up? Ask for general volunteers from the student body – will send out email to jp-all
    5. Date is set for June 29, 2016
  • Housing for students/guest students
    1. A new student was having trouble finding a housemate, emailed Julia W about it, may be helpful to have some sort of list for something this? Though the community housing site is fairly useful for this. They could email jp-all.
  • Naomi’s Scholar BBQ, following her talk, aim start for 1-1:30 pm
    1. Reps will help: Gabi, Megan,
    2. Enlist more people via email